Friday, January 18, 2008

What's in your Freezer?

You've all heard the commercials by Capital One with the tag line: "What's in your wallet?"

Today on the Southwest Airlines blog the question seems to be: "What's in your freezer?"

Check this out for a good laugh! Click here.

It is a true story that happened this week. The author is on Daddybug's team at work.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Look what the FedEx man brought me today...

Popcorn, Popcorn and more Popcorn... Orville Redenbacher to be exact.

Look good enough to eat?

A food stylist I am NOT. It was good enough to eat, take my word on it. Was is the operative word. It no longer exists. I had a hard time getting the picture taken because I kept snitching on it. Did I mention how delicious it was? It was delicious. The Natural Simply Salted was light, salty and non-greasy. Auntiebug would love it.

What was left after the photo shoot, was descended upon by locusts otherwise known as Doodlebug and Ticklebug. In the epic battle of Locusts vs. Popcorn, the Locusts won.

The Popcorn will live to fight another day. The calvary will come. There are 3 boxes! I wonder if the Popcorn realizes what it is in for.

Stay tuned for more exciting adventures of the Redenbacher Popcorn!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Organizing attempts...

I have the organizing/decluttering bug at the moment. I cleared a bookshelf off and found completed Bible study workbooks that are quite possibly more than 10 years old.

Up until Monday night, I thought I would refer back to them.

That never happened!

Into the recycling they went.

Now if I can only part with notes and books from nursing school and get Daddybug to part with some Tshirts.

I also found several stuffed animals. Like we need more around here. The only one I kept was "Coconut", the dog from the American Girl store. I have no earthly idea where it came from. I also found a Koosh ball which I thought TB would enjoy playing with. Daddybug said he would enjoy it even if TB didn't. Again, no idea where that came from.

If only I could find some money...

I will hold out hope, there is plenty of clutter left to go through. We have boxes in our closet that haven't been looked through since we moved 4 years ago.

I know you have clutter in your house too. I was just trying to make you feel better. Ya know, the whole misery loves company thing.

If you are clutter-free like Daralee and Dilenna, I don't want to hear about it. I will just get jealous and then I'll have to spend more time on my knees repenting rather than decluttering.

What's your worst clutter?

Webkinz introductions

I'd like to introduce you to our menagerie of Webkinz. Chooey the Chihuahua, Froggy the Tree Frog, and Spot the Lil Kinz Pug all belong to Doodlebug. Dalmation the Dalmation, Reindeer the Reindeer, and Yellow Lab the Yellow Lab belong to Ticklebug. You have already met Coconut the Clydesdale horse.

I'd better go. I need to play a few games and feed Coconut.

Works-For-Me-Wednesday-- Webkinz

The Webkinz craze has hit our house this Christmas. Want to know how bad?

I've got it too. It's an illness.

I stayed up past midnight New Year's Eve, not because I wanted to see the new year in but rather because I got carried away playing games on and lost track of time. I didn't even know it was midnight until I heard some firecrackers going off nearby.

For those of you new to the WKC (WebKinz Craze), I'll elaborate. Ganz makes many stuffed animals that come with special codes that allow you to adopt the stuffed animal and then create a world for that pet online. You take care of it, decorate it's room, take it to the doctor, get a job and a myriad of other activities that I have yet to do-- all online. You finance your operation by playing games, getting a job, or answering questions for KinzCash. You can only play on the site if you have a code from purchasing an animal. For a more detailed look, click HERE and take a tour.

I had NO idea what a big deal Webkinz were. Ticklebug and Doodlebug had them on their Cmas list. I thought they were just overpriced stuffed animals. I still think that.

Want to see my new toy?

Meet Coconut. I got him on Clearance at Target for $9.08. I spent my Cmas money on him. He's not the cutest thing but now I have my own login and can win my own KinzCash!

The regular WK run anywhere from $10 to $16.50 at retail stores. I have yet to figure out what price the MSRP is. Anyone know?

TB and DB play with the stuffed animals in the house like crazy. They have been giving them rides on their scooters, having playdates, and they even have beds made for them. I think I'll buy some ribbon and velcro and make them collars. Collars for the WK, not the children. Although...

Anyway, my tip for this week... is... buy your own Webkinz.

It will save you some trouble trying to remember which child's account you last played on so you can be fair.

I have an extra Pug who needs a good home. Let me know if he can come live at your house...

For other more helpful tips, head on over to Rocks In My Dryer.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Bear with me just little longer...

I am trying to update ya'll (family) with photos but I cannot figure out Blogger and how to list multiple pictures in a nice neat line with text in the appropriate places like D does on her blog. Maybe it is the template I'm using and maybe it is user failure. I would change it if I could. I am going with the theory that something is better than nothing.

We sat down as a family early in December and created a list of things we would like to do related to the holidaze. We stayed in TX for the first time in 10 years for the entire Cmas break. We missed seeing grandparents and extended family but we had a good time here doing things together at a slower pace and not packing the suitcases. We got the majority done of what was most important to us. I realized that it didn't all have to be done by Christmas Day. We had several days afterwards to get more stuff in. By that time, some of it didn't even matter any more.

We went tent camping the 21st. We had every blanket and sleeping bag in the house but 3, I think. SB and I spent the night for the first time in a looooonnnnnggg time. The little buggers conked out about 10:45 with nary a peep from them. Daddybug and I got to spend a little time enjoying conversation and the fire a little longer. We all got these great headlamps as an early present to use. I used mine to stay up late reading a novel while everyone else slept. They were also great when you needed both hands to do something and didn't want to hold a flashlight. The kiddos didn't get us up until 7:30. I think it was too cold for them to come out.

Christmas Day was a good time. The only family we have nearby, as in, in the same state is my sister, Auntiebug. She told the kids to call her as soon as they got up and she would come over in her pjs. They told her it would be 4a.m. but we restricted it to 7a.m. DB and TB literally came running into our room at 0700. The festivities began around 0740 when she arrived. I walked down to hear TB saying "me, me, me, me" as he counted the presents for him under the tree.

We took all THREE kiddos ice skating for the first time on the 26th. TB and DB didn't know if it was ok to laugh when I totally wiped out in front of them. I am talking pain and embarrassment. The feet went up and the head went down. I think that "broke" the ice for them.

There were a lot of pajama days, reading new books and making Geotrax layouts for the kids. DB headed back to work and we just played with new toys.

Here are a few more pictures of "What I did on my Vacation"...

Christmas Break 2007

Auntiebug and Snugglebug, Doodlebug and Chooie, Ticklebug and Dalmation, Daddybug and Mr. GPS, Snugglebug and Ticklebug.

Christmas Photo Catch Up...

These are pictures from an early Christmas gift opening from Grandpa C and MiMie as well as the school Christmas parties.