Monday, December 24, 2007

Santa is almost here...

It is almost midnight and I, again, have procrastinated which resulted in Daddybug and I wrapping presents until now. I am starting a list of what NOT to do next year. Waiting to wrap presents is #1.

But the house is cleaned up and I found all the presents I had hidden. I can rest in peace.

I bet Doodlebug is going to be up early. I kept telling the little buggers that the fast they go to sleep, the faster Christmas comes. It worked well on Ticklebug.

Merry Christmas! May Christmas be a day of good food, friends and family. Don't forget to thank God for the first Gift of his Son.


Really, I'm not pouting...

SB, you are pouting...(arms crossed, no eye contact, sad face)

No, I'm not.


(Pick one)

1. just resting
2. just standing here
3. just looking around

No, that looks like a pout.

Oh, maaannnn! as she stalks off.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

The day the City shuts down...

Just a friendly reminder that your neighborhood Kroger or Walmart will probably be closed early Christmas eve through Christmas day. Don't get caught needing milk or a missing ingredient or a prescription refill. 7 Eleven may not have it! : )

I learned this the hard way one year when we returned from out of town. We needed milk and a few other groceries only to discover the town had shut down. It was only 9pm. We scrounged up some dry donuts and an overpriced gallon of milk at the corner 7 eleven. Not the Cmas breakfast I had in mind.

This will be the first time that I can remember not being at Walmart for one reason or another on Cmas eve at 5pm. I got my shopping finished today. I am going to Kroger tomorrow to get milk and call it a day!