Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Organizing attempts...

I have the organizing/decluttering bug at the moment. I cleared a bookshelf off and found completed Bible study workbooks that are quite possibly more than 10 years old.

Up until Monday night, I thought I would refer back to them.

That never happened!

Into the recycling they went.

Now if I can only part with notes and books from nursing school and get Daddybug to part with some Tshirts.

I also found several stuffed animals. Like we need more around here. The only one I kept was "Coconut", the dog from the American Girl store. I have no earthly idea where it came from. I also found a Koosh ball which I thought TB would enjoy playing with. Daddybug said he would enjoy it even if TB didn't. Again, no idea where that came from.

If only I could find some money...

I will hold out hope, there is plenty of clutter left to go through. We have boxes in our closet that haven't been looked through since we moved 4 years ago.

I know you have clutter in your house too. I was just trying to make you feel better. Ya know, the whole misery loves company thing.

If you are clutter-free like Daralee and Dilenna, I don't want to hear about it. I will just get jealous and then I'll have to spend more time on my knees repenting rather than decluttering.

What's your worst clutter?


Amber said...

Hey girl! It's Amber. Your blog cracks me up! I love your honesty and humor. Keeps me real. My worst clutter is my garage. Oh, the horrors. We've lived her 7 1/2years and have almost never parked a vehicle in there. Just started a blog myself:

Chad, Dilenna, and Ashlynn said...


I don't know if you were referring to me about no clutter but it's only cause I'm anal retentive and when you live in 951sq. ft and only have two closets, you have no choice :)


Jenn said...

My kitchen counters are my worst battle when it comes to clutter. And my dresser. And one corner of the basement. We've just moved so my closets and drawers are still pretty organized. I really hate clutter but it wins a lot of the time.
As for men's t-shirts. My husband has SO many and lots of them have holes or you can see through them and he just doesn't want to part with them. I started hiding a few after doing laundry and after a while when he hasn't noticed they're missing I'll pull them out and say AHA you really won't miss them if they're gone! Then he usually lets me throw them out.

Anonymous said...