Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Works-For-Me-Wednesday--Getting ready for school!

A tardy and almost second tardy prompted some rethinking of our morning routine. We can't do anything about the awful amount of time it takes to go .75 miles to the elementary but we can at least get into the queue in a timely manner. I can't take credit for a great idea for getting out the door on time for school. My friend Bestbug gave me this solution.

We have already gotten into the habit of picking out clothes, packing snacks and lunches, and bringing backpacks downstairs the night before. They are also required to be "dressed to the shoes" as Flylady is fond of saying before eating a bite of breakfast.

So... we now set TWO alarms on my cell phone to go off every weekday. The first one goes off at 7:33 and is a "Stop eating breakfast and go brush your teeth". And the second alarm at 7:35 is "Go grab your stuff and load up, I'll meet you in the van".

It works great because they don't argue with a cell phone. It keeps me on task as well.

Anyway, something to add to your parenting "toolbox".

Head over to Shannon at Rocks In My Dryer for other great tips and tricks to add to your arsenal.


Ornery's Wife said...

Thanks for visiting Miller Manor, and for the great tip about style. I am awful about it, because mostly haven't cared for most of my life. It is clearly an area I could stand to improve in!

cheerios mom said...

LUV IT! Going to be using that one next week! Thanks! M