Saturday, January 5, 2008

Walmart Woes...

The Walmart in my area has changed their return policy to include an extra line and time. When you walk in the door with a return, the greeter SCANS then PRINTS a tag and PUTS it on EACH item. It doesn't matter if you have the receipt or not. After waiting in line there, you get the distinct privilege of standing in line again with your impatient children and impatient self at Customer Service to hopefully get your money back.

Since it is a royal pain in the rear to try clothes on the little buggers at the store, I guess at the size and try it on them at home. As a result, I have many returns. Not any more!

I don't have time for all that. The savings that exists is not worth my effort. I'm going to Target and Kroger.

Target may have limits but at least you can do a return with a receipt without too much fuss. BTW, if you give a gift from Target, please include the gift receipt. Target has severely limited your ability to exchange or return if it wasn't on your registry or doesn't have a receipt.

I think I have a similar look on my face when I walk into a WM!

I read a blog called The Junk Drawer that absolutely cracks me up. Yesterday her sister called to rant about her experience at Walmart. Since I have also sworn off Walmart as much as possible at least for non-grocery items, I could relate.

The Shampoo Snafu:

"Ann: I left a bag over there and now I have to battle traffic to go get it!!! I got home and was looking for all my shampoos and stuff and I realized I left it there!!!

For the rest of the story click HERE.

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