Thursday, January 3, 2008

Sonic versus Starbucks-- The Great Debate

For me, there is no debate. Sonic wins, Starbucks loses-- every time. What is it with Starbucks? I don't get the pull that an overpriced, undersized cup of "fancy" caffeine has on people. Around here there is a Starbucks on every corner along with a bank and a dry cleaners. Actually there are 6 banks on a nearby corner, but that is a "discussion" for another day.

Now, Sonic drive-ins are easy to find around here but at least you get something for your money. I can get a 320z drink with all the fixin's for $2. Granted, I think their drinks are overpriced as well. Up until October 1st, I had a window cling coupon that gave me any size drink for 99cents, unlimited, at most Sonics which was an AWESOME, AWESOME deal. I cringed at the increase in cost. A friend once told me that she considers it "mental health" money. Great! I can take it out of the medical category of our budget. I like that!

In order to save money I've tried QT's vanilla and fountain Diet Coke, but it isn't the same. Yes, I know that vanilla syrup is sold at local grocery establishments but even if you can find a decent tasting one, a BIG IF, it still isn't the same.

I am telling you that fountain DC is infinitely better than canned or bottled and it varys from place to place on the ratio of syrup to carbonation. Don't even bother with McDonald's. Just order water and get dessert instead. At one of my local Sonics they used to not question me when I told them that the carbonation was low or that the Coke/Diet Coke hoses had been switched. They just went and fixed it. I am training my new carhops but they keep quitting before I get them broken in.

Well, if you need me to pick you up a drink in the morning, get me your order by 7:45a.m. By the way, what is your favorite Sonic drink?

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Melene@Sing For Joy said...

I agree with you that Sonic wins-and I'm grateful for the 2-4 pm half price drinks!

A friend recently told me about Diet Coke with Vanilla AND Lime. It is good!

I just found your blog today via WFMW. I'll visit again!