Saturday, December 1, 2007

Operation Christmas Child...

We have continued the tradition in our family of filling up shoe boxes for children around the world who are not having a Christmas. This ministry is Operation Christmas Child through Samaritan's Purse-- Franklin Graham's ministry. My grandmother did it years ago, my mom did it, and now we are doing it with our kids.

Throughout the year I buy things on clearance for the boxes then whatever is left we go to the dollar stores and find what we need. This year it really seemed to click with Ticklebug and Doodlebug on what to get and why. I really enjoyed shopping for the items with them. We bought clear shoeboxes so they have a "treasure box" to go along with their treasures. The kids were old enough to help me pack the boxes which made it even easier and fun!

Maybe next year, I'll be organized enough to get a picture of us and a note into each box. I've read that sometimes the kiddos will write back.


cheerios mom said...

Great job on the boxes! It is such a FUN activity! Ticklebug's hair has gotten so long and she is so tall! I remember when you thought she'd never have hair! LOL! She looks like she's catching up with you! (our doodlebug is as tall as me now... imagine that!) It's amazing how quickly they grow! Hugs! :-) M

Irritable Mother said...

Operation Christmas Child is such a great program! I have done it before with my kids, allowing them to help pick the gifts and pack them up. What a wonderful way for them to learn.