Friday, October 26, 2007

Me and my Buddy

Flickbug on the right and his mom were helping me today with a few things around the house. I caught the kiddos in a rare moment of comraderie. They aren't related but they fight like a brother and sister. Frequently heard is *scream *uff *nooooo! *waaaaaa* that's mine *MOOOMMMEEEEE *. But despite all that they still ask to play at each other's house.

I did NOT pick out SB's clothes. That is one of her favorite shirts and she prefers to wear only pink. No matter what her pattern choices she looked like a fashionista compared to what I looked like. Be glad I didn't take a picture.

Like how I cropped the picture so you can't see the mess of the kitchen, I mean, so you can focus on the darling children more easily? You aren't missing a thing.

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