Friday, October 26, 2007

Fixin' and Flippin'

Here are Ticklebug and Doodlebug on Dress up day. TB is a builder and DB is "eggzactly" what she wanted to be. I couldn't talk TB into going as "bacon".

Get it? Bacon and Eggs?

Maybe next year we can do a Dr. Suess theme-- green eggs and ham.

Before you ask, I did NOT come up with the egg idea. It was in a recent issue of FamilyFun magazine. I did go all over creation trying to find the few supplies it called for. Just so you know, foam board doesn't come bigger than 20X30 and 1/4 in. thick. The magazine described a much larger and thicker piece of foam. If Joann's and Michael's don't have it, I don't really need it. I should've reached that conclusion before I went to Michael's! I wonder if there is anything else I can use the costume for????

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