Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sermon Humor...

Today our pastor was describing different kinds of preaching other than preaching Christ and each description began with the letter F.

He used Flashy, Flamboyant, Flavor and my personal favorite, FLATULATION. The snickers rippled across the congregation but Pastor Pete never missed a beat. I couldn't wait to see where he was going with it. I thought maybe he was going to say something about preaching opinions and being full of hot air. He went on to describe churches that beat you over the head about how you are doing wrong and how sinful you are. They get stuck there rather than going on to the rest of the story which includes God's grace. I realized after a few more pronunciations that he was really saying "Flagellation" as in beating you over and over.

Hee Hee, flatulation was funnier!

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Laura said...

That's funny! When our former pastor began preaching and I would see his sermon points were all going to begin with the same letter, I would try to guess the answers before he said it. I got pretty good! I am pretty sure I wouldn't have guessed this one!!