Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I feel better now. It has been one of those days that very little has gotten done around here and it is insane at the moment.


Valerie said...

Just wanted to reply to your comment on my blog about the organizer shelves from Target. They come in all kinds of configurations, including a taller, narrower version with 8 cubbies that might work with your wall space problem. After a whole...12 hours with them, I still like them and even Mr. at Home was very impressed when he came home and saw them. The bins didn't come with the shelves and right now they're $5.50 each in lots of different colors.

And we're right in the midst of the Webkinz craze here, too. I took my daughter's computer away for a week and found out she had asked her friend to "babysit" her bunnies for her. True Commitment.

Amber said...

Hello, Mamabug!

I saw your comment on my blog the other day, so I thought I would wander over here & introduce myself. My name is Amber, and I am also a mommy to three little ones. Sounds like we have a lot in common from our blog posts!

I DO have the complete geneology of Abraham in my Patriarchs book if you still need it. Just let me know what blanks you need :-)