Friday, December 14, 2007

What a week! Ramblings...

I seem to be meeting myself coming and going. I signed up to be room mom for Doodlebug's Second grade class. Ignorance is bliss for only so long! I procrastinated too much and it caught up to me. I had to get a letter and party planned last night for next Thursday's Christmas party so I could send the letter home with the students today. Fortunately, Mrs. G gave me the name of an experienced room mom so I would know what to do. I am just going to copy her. Snugglebug was a good sport while I made copies and things to go in the folder. We also checked the ABC bags for Ticklebug's Kindergarten class like we do every Friday.

Snugglebug is hanging out with a new sitter while I type this. I am off to clean the bathrooms and a multitude of other things before my brother gets here tonight. It's weird how I am actually looking forward to being able to clean uninterrupted. It's kinda sick and pathetic.

Well, on that note, off I go to make my bathrooms sparkle. Gotta love that Method cleaner, Basic H and Barkeeper's Friend.

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