Monday, October 29, 2007

"Potty Tour 2007-- New places to go, New potties to see"

Ok, enough of our routine. I about died laughing in Costco today. SB is 2.5 and now that she is potty trained, ALWAYS wants to check out the bathrooms in every store-- multiple times. . This time I thought I would be smart and ask her when we were by the bathrooms. She said "no". When I told her I needed the bathroom her eyes got HUGE and she got a goofy grin on her face like I was teasing her. She said "You do?" The look of incredulity on her face was HILARIOUS like she was the only one able to use the bathroom. We hit the restrooms two more times after that. I used to tease my mom about knowing where the bathroom was in every store because of having six kids. I dare you to ask me about any store...

Top 5 bathroom observations:

1. Everything is louder in bathrooms-- the sound of the flushes and the comments your kids make that you really wish noone else had heard.

2. The location of the bathroom is always, always, always far away when you need it.

3. If one child has to go, they all have to go. If they don't, insist they do b/c you'll barely get out the door when that child will change their mind.

4. Lean too far over the edge of the sink and a pony tail will trip the sensor on the faucet giving you a shower. (another SB story)

5. Don't bother going at home. They'll have to go the second you pull into the store's parking lot. Save time and just plan on going first thing at the store.

Can you add any more to my list? Leave me a comment.

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