Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Works-For-Me-Wednesday-- Doctor and Mom quotes...

What works for me this week is my pediatrician. I have been blessed to find a doctor that I like and respect. He takes my concerns seriously and listens well. He has given me some great quotes and rules of thumb over the years.

Top Five Quotes from my Pediatrician

  1. "Give them Tylenol or Advil, I believe you if you say they have a temperature."

  2. "If the kiddo starts getting you up at night after usually sleeping through, call me the next day."

  3. "How are you doing, Mom?"

  4. "I unfortunately don't have a magic potion that will fix this one, it is a virus." It makes it easier to fork out your copay rather than hearing "It's just a virus" in a condescending tone.

  5. "If the child is in pajamas, they are sick, if Mom is in her pajamas,the child is really sick."

Ten things I say at the pediatrician's office

  1. "How much was the bill? "

  2. "Does that mean the front office staff got a raise?"

  3. "Come on, act sick. How come you are acting puny at home but running around like a Tasmanian Devil now? "

  4. "I would like my name inscribed on a plate for the door to Exam room 4."

  5. "Do you have a frequent buyer punch card?"

  6. "Was today buy one, get one free?"

  7. "_______ gets to pick a sticker first, because they are sick."

  8. "Don't spin me so fast on the stool, I'm getting sick."

  9. "Don't sit on the floor, it's dirty."

  10. "Yes, the doctor should be here any minute."

What great tips does your pediatrician give you?

Head on over to Don't Try this at Home for more great tips!


Mommy Cracked said...

Our pedi is hilarious. He really has a wacky sense of good humor and always suggests a drink...for mom!! LOL!!

This post is great...I have been dealing with doctors offices for WEEKS now with this flu/bronchitis thing we've had going on.

jen said...

Hubs is a doc, so this was hilarious!

What About Mom? said...

i liked all the toys at the dr's office, until i came home from a well visit with strep, which i then passed to each member of the family, one by agonizing one.

best advice:
new parents: What temperature should the baby's room be at for sleeping?
dr: room temperature.

and on introducing solids at/after 6 months:
1 week of cheerios
1 week of ritz crackers
rest of their lives: table scraps.

i really like the pediatricians i've found who are also mothers. the ones who are also fathers are often good too.

nice to meet you this week. i'm excited read more of your blog!

Jennifer in OR said...

Wonderful post, very funny yet informative! Thanks for visiting my WW, too.

My pediatrician is wonderful. I can't think of any particular advice he's given at the moment, he just clearly loves children.

Mom2fur said...

I work for a pediatrician, so I can attest that all you say is true! Especially #3...we're always commenting how a sick kid can have so much energy in the waiting room.
I love the doctor I work for and wish I had known her when mine were little. One of her patients told me that when Dr. A's children had grown up, she said, "now my patients are my children." Who couldn't love her? We're both lucky to know such nice people!